Terms and Conditions

Family Friendly Accommodation has been created in good faith to help families find accommodation that might be appropriate for them, based on the property's features and the experiences and recommendations of other families.

Many of us plan long and hard to experience a family holiday and a bad accommodation experience can ruin the adventure.

The purpose of this website is to provide information about holiday accommodation and what it offers for families to help them make a more informed choice in deciding where to stay.

Guidance for families 

Family Friendly Accommodation does not warrant the information published on this website is accurate or free from error. Information published within the site is solely for general information and guidance. 

We have designed this website to provide information about holiday accommodation with "family friendly attributes", as well as accommodation deemed by the reviewers as 'family friendly'. We want to be constructive, so families can learn about great places out there to stay.

This means we will not accept reviews about bad experiences. We also accept advertising" from properties  that truly cater for the family holiday market.

Family Friendly Accommodation accepts reviews and information provided by accommodation owners and manager as being truthful. However, apart from reviews written by Family Friendly Accommodation, we do not personally endorse reviews or properties advertising on Family Friendly Accommodation.

In submitting your review to Family Friendly Accommodation, you grant us the right to reproduce your views royalty free. We also reserve the right to edit all copy submitted to us and will not publish reviews if they do not meet this website's criteria.


Family Friendly Accommodation is not a travel agent and does not take bookings. However, all Featured Properties pay us an annual advertising fee and most of the other properties listed on this website link to booking websites, including Hotels Combined, from which we get a small commission if a booking is made by someone who has clicked through from our website. We also have affiliate programs for other holiday-related products and these are clearly disclosed.

We cannot be held liable for the accuracy of information provided on these sites that Family Friendly Accommodation provides links to.

You need to note that as humans, we do have different expectations. Family Friendly Accommodation cannot be held liable if your own experience is different from those detailed on this website.

As this website is offered as guidance only, in order to get the most up-to-date information, including prices and specials on offer, you should contact the accommodation owners/managers directly. 

Family Friendly Accommodation does not accept liability for any loss, whether direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise that may be incurred as a result of the information, or any omission or inaccuracy in the information, that appears on this site.

Contact us if you have any questions.